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First you will need to know the details about jailbreaking your iPad. Jailbreaking your iPad is changing the HTML and codes for it so you can download apps and other things that are not sold by Apple. This will be available in other tablets and in newer versions of the iPad, but right now this is the only way to get these things on your iPad. It also allows you to do several really cool things that will help you in every day life. Here are just some of the advantages of jailbreaking your iPad.


A great new feature of some tablets these days is that they can multitask. On a computer, you can have several tabs open at once on your browser and still be playing solitaire, writing documents on Word and editing pictures with Photoshop, all at the same time. However, on an iPad at the moment, it is impossible to do that. The iPad is laid out more like a phone in the sense that you have to finish one thing and close it before you can open another; you cant send a text message and browse your pictures at the same time on any phone! However, the new tablets coming out will allow you to multitask and you will be left alone with your old iPad if you do not jailbreak it. Jailbreaking your iPad can allow you to use some apps at the same time as others; the feature has to be enabled, so not all apps can do it. This can really speed up work you may be doing that would involve you having two things open at the same time, such as copying a text message on to the internet.

Manage your files with more ease

On an iPad currently, it is very hard to keep track of your documents and pictures since there is no way to easily browse them all. However, on a computer, it is just a method of click and drag and surely this feature should be available to Google Nexus 7 users as well, right? Well, when you jailbreak your iPad, there is a handy free app you can get called IFile which will easily allow you to look through your files and figure out what you do and don't need on it. This can help your iPad's memory and everything as you wont be harvesting a bunch of useless things that you don't need on it and you will only use memory for what you like.

Sync with WiFi

Cables can be hard to carry around with you, so it would be so much easier if you could get pictures and music off of your computer on to your iPad without all the cords. Well, there is an app made by a third party that allows you to do this easier but to get the app you have to jailbreak your iPad. You will never have to carry around a cord again and it will be all thanks to this handy dandy method. So, with all the advantages of jailbreaking, why don't you try it yourself?

Jill Scott

"Completed my jailbreaking in about 5 minutes. Couldn’t believe it! Thanks!"

Jared Evans

"I didn’t think it would be this easy. I didn’t encounter any problems or errors along the way. It just worked."

Marcus Woods

"I love my jailbroken iPad. I wish I had done it sooner!"