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With so much technology lurking around these days, it is hard to know which is the better one you should be getting. Advertisements tell you that you absolutely need their product, but are you better off getting it off of them or off of someone else? And do you really need it at all? Another good one is that the product has been 'upgraded' and has been made bigger and better since the last model that may only have came out a year or two previously. Are these upgrades really necessary? Do you need to buy the newest, best version of every piece of technology that comes out? Now we are going to compare the newest iPad model with the old iPad 2 and see if it really is worth the upgrade.

Well, one good thing about the new iPad is that it is better for taking photos. The camera is a much higher quality one and more suitable for people who just love photographing everything they see or even for professional photographers. It also has a better quality high definition screen to view pictures on. The new iPad will definitely give you the best quality pictures, if that is what you are looking for, and is definitely more suitable for artists and photographers. The iPad 2 still has incredibly high quality graphics ability, much more than other brands that are similar, but the new iPad does surpass it in definition of screen and light and contrast.

The iPad 2 is a lot lighter than the iPad. This may be important to you if you are travelling a lot; it may allow it to fit more easily inside of your hand luggage or even you pocket than the newer model. It also is handier for if you hold it on one hand or on your lap as it does not tire you out with its weight, unlike it possibly could were it the newer model. If you have problems with carrying heavy things, buying the older model could make a real difference to you, regardless of the fact that the weight difference is only miniscule at only a few parts of a pound in the difference. However, that could make a huge difference depending on who you are.

The new iPad has a higher memory capacity than the older model which would make it more suitable for people who have a lot of graphics or videos to save on to it; this wouldn't make much of a difference if that were not what you would be using it for. The old iPad 2 had a much better battery life though; in a test made by PC World, it lasted around two hours longer than the new iPad, which is a phenomenal achievement. However, if you don't mind recharging it, this shouldn't make a difference. The new iPad connects to the internet faster, however the iPad 2 is a lot cheaper than the newer model. So, you can see that there are a lot of pros and cons for upgrading to the new iPad. It is your choice on whether you will or not.

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