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With so much technology on the market these days for use and everyone around us, it can be hard to determine which is better for are needs and which one we would really be better off getting. There are hundreds of different phones to get, different computers and different music players and it can be difficult to just look at them and know which one you are better off getting. Even reviews can be biased and not entirely factual and definitely not the same way you may react to it so they can even be trusted! The only way to really know which is better is to compare them with the facts and that is exactly what we are going to do with the iPad and the Google Nexus 7.

Well, for starters, the iPad is a lot bigger than the Google Nexus 7. At a first glance, one might even think that it was twice as big, but it isn't quite that. A Google Nexus is just slightly bigger than a phone while the iPad is more the size of a laptop screen. There are some advantages for either, however. The graphics on the iPad are easier to see as they are bigger and more bright on the bigger screen. High definition pictures can be quite crowded on the smaller screen of the Google Nexus 7 which may be problematic. The iPad is probably better for artists who use it as a tablet as it is bigger and has a wider canvas for drawing and sketching. The Google Nexus may be very hard to draw on without zooming. However, the iPad is naturally a lot heavier and is possibly not suitable for long journeys where it must be lugged around. The Google Nexus 7 is a lot lighter and may even fit in your jeans' pocket with ease. It is also more suitable for older people who cant carry heavier things as the iPad may weight down on them. The same goes for people with illnesses and children where weight may be an issue.

The iPad generally holds a bit more multimedia in its memory than the Google Nexus 7 can, which is handy if you need to store a lot of music or pictures on your device. However, due to its smaller screen possibly, the Google Nexus' batter life lasts a hell of a lot longer than its counterpart, making it ideal for long journeys on planes or airplanes where you cant charge up while on the go. Adobe flash is not really supported on either the iPad or the iPad 2; however, their browsing speed is equally fast. They both have great video and music play back and their features are easy to understand and well laid out. Both are incredibly simple to operate, even for beginners. However, the iPad is three hundred dollars dearer than the Google Nexus 7 at five hundred dollars to the Google Nexus' two hundred. This may pose a difficulty for some people. So, there are advantages and disadvantages for both models so it's your choice; but now you can make it!

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